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Why Visit Rome?

There is no city in the world that matches the history, the number of breathtaking archaeological sites and monuments in the Eternal city. Founded approximately 2700 years ago, the current capital of Italy, has long reigned as Caput Mundi or capital of the world and with all of its hidden treasures, some people claim that one life is not enough to discover all of them. That’s why almost every visitor returns to continue exploring the wonders that Rome has to offer. Unique monuments such as the Colosseum are reminiscent of the imperial age of ancient Rome, when emperors like Vespasian and Titus ruled the Roman empire. A few meters away from the Colosseum, you will find yourself walking on the original cobblestones of the Via Sacra (Sacred street) inside the Roman Forum which, more than 2200 years ago, was the administrative, commercial and legal centre of ancient Rome. Not to mention the architectural masterpieces designed by Michelangelo and Bernini during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. This includes: Navona square, Campidoglio square, Bernini’s fountains, Borghese gallery, the immense St. Peter’s Basilica and many other sights that will make you want to see more and more!

Top Things To Do In Rome

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