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Florence & Tuscany

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Why Visit Florence & Tuscany?

Florence is arguably one of Italy’s most important architectural, cultural and artistic centers. During the Middle Ages, the city was a buzzing trade and finance destination that attracted the attention of many merchants which consequently led to a period of wealth and relative abundance. As the Middle Ages came to end it is no surprise that Florence became the birthplace and pulsating heart of the Renaissance artistic movement. Today, tourists have the opportunity to admire legendary masterpieces by the pioneers of the aforementioned artistic movement, such as: Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” painting in the Uffizi gallery or Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture. Additionally, one can savor its beautiful landmarks like the Palazzo Vecchio and Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. Surprisingly small as it is, this riverside city shines bright on the world’s “must see” list. Its world class architecture, characteristic narrow streets and romantic vibe will make you fall in love with it almost immediately. Florence is also the regional capital of Tuscany; Italy’s most famous and visited region. Tuscany is widely known for its countryside, olive groves and vineyards that produce and export, all over the world, some of the most exquisite and prestigious wines. The many pleasures of this region include: wine tasting tours in Chianti, exploring the incredible medieval city of Siena, home of many other artistic sites, and visiting the astonishing leaning tower in Pisa.

Top Things To Do In Florence & Tuscany

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